sustEnvironmental conservation is the practice of protecting the environment. Our company has as one of its ideals share with our employees and partners the collective environmental consciousness. Through reuse, conscious consumption and selective collection campaigns. TECHNOBRAS practice supports and encourages those procedures.

– Disconnect your electronic device and do not leave them on standby mode

If you are not using electronic devices as: external hard drives / scanners / fax machines / printers, unplug them from the computer. These devices consume power even when they are not being used. The inkjet printer, for an example, even at rest consumes 4,5 watts, or 3,24 KWh in one month. This power is enough to keep a 60 watts light bulb running for 54 hours. So keep this and other equipment off and plug them only in when using.

The same advice fits for the equipment that has the “standby” option. Air conditioners, monitors and projectors are some of the devices that can be wasting the company’s power quietly whenever they are left partly connected without need.

  Save computers energy

Computers are vital for the companies, but are also responsible for most of the energy consume. To reduce this cost adjust the power options of the device and configure them to stay in standby when they are idle for some time.

Turning the monitor off or letting it on standby mode when you go for a walk or go into a meeting, is another way to save energy. When investing in new appliances, remember that laptops are more costly than desktops. If possible, choose for a LCD monitor, which are more economical and causes less damages to vision. Opt for a computer that uses a PFC (Power Factor Correction) source than a generic one, because the first saves more power.

Avoid products with too much packaging

You can refuse to issue 1320 pounds of carbon dioxide if you decrease in 10% the waste products. Look for recycled packaging.

Take a break

Do not use disposable cups. Take your mug or water bottle and leave it on your desk.

Quick and practice tips

Do a purchase planning considering the best cost/benefit
Consider your level of consumption and the impact of it in the environment and society
Reuse products. Consider the possibility of repairing and transforming objects already acquired
Separate your garbage
Disclose conscious consumption

Evaluate your principles and make conscientious choices of consumption


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